TJs Tidbits
Greetings LMS Families, 
I hope everyone is healthy, safe and was able to enjoy each other while on Spring Break  despite everything that is going on in the world. I am still pretty much in disbelief about all that has happened over the course of one week. It feels like a movie. I am staying very hopeful that we will get back to normal every day living soon as I miss the kiddos and our staff. Don't get me wrong. I've truly enjoyed spending time away from school with family and definitely needed the break, but I am starting to miss seeing my Ladue family as well. 

Our staff has been busy preparing for next week and taking necessary steps to make certain that we are ready to go. As you've read in the letters and communications that have been sent, we have a plan and are so fortunate to have the resources to execute that plan. I have definitely stopped to count my blessings on multiple occasions.  

As we embark on this distance learning journey for however long it is,…