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July 31, 2015

To all LMS Parents and Students:
Good afternoon on this glorious Friday.
In an effort to ensure that I have covered at least the essential items of information leading up to our students’ arrival on August 11, I am sending this out.Many of the items below have been communicated previously.I hope this message answers any remaining questions that you may have before the beginning of school.If not, please email me at
Staffing for 2015-2016 At last count, we will have sixteen new faces serving our students at LMS this year due to retirement, relocation, and/or professional advancement.They are: ·Mr. Quentin Alimayu – Grade 7 Social Studies ·Ms. Megan Brendel – Teaching Assistant ·Ms. Sonja Brewer – Apogee/Gifted ·Mr. Adam Durham – Grade 7 Science ·Ms. Christine Earnhart – Grade 7 Science ·Ms. Shaina Fall – FACS ·Ms. Nikki Foristel-Weiss – Grade 6 Communication Arts ·Ms. Megan Grossbauer – Grade 7 Mathematics ·Ms. Courtney Hanstein – Special School District ·Ms. Melshonda Lowe-D…

Grade 8 Tdap Immunization Reminder

To Parents of LMS 8th Grade Students for the 2015-2016 school year:
Good afternoon.I hope everyone is well.
My most recent communication with our LMS Nurse, Christina Patrick, indicates that approximately fifty-five students do not currently have documentation regarding their Tdap immunizations on file with her.Since Packet Pickup days are upcoming, next Monday August 3 (7 am to noon) and Tuesday August 4 (noon to 5 pm), I wanted to get a reminder out to hopefully prevent any problems or confusion on those days.
Below is a copy of previous communications regarding the Tdap immunization requirement for those students entering 8th grade.As previously shared, students without this documentation on file with Nurse Patrick will NOT be able to pick up their packets/schedules on August 3 or 4.Those who have not completed the immunization (with the required documentation) by August 11 will NOT be able to begin school until this immunization is completed and on file with our School Nurse.

LMS Dads Club/Community Night

Good morning.

The following is from the Ladue Middle School Dads Club, regarding next Thursday's Community Night.

"The LMS Dad's Club and the LMS Parent Association will be providing food and refreshments free of charge to the LMS students and their families at the Community Night on Thursday August 6th. We will be serving hamburgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, kosher dogs, chips, cookies and lemonade. The LMS Dad's Club has arranged to have the LMS kitchen staff prepare the food, so all you need to do is stand inside in the air conditioning and smile while you serve the kids and the families in the LMS community. The food will be served in the LMS cafeteria starting around 4:30 p.m. and will conclude by no later than 7:30 p.m.

This annual event is always a lot of fun and a great opportunity to see some of your old friends and
make some new ones. It is also a great opportunity to meet some of your children’s “school friends” and their parents.

The LMS Dad's Club …

July 14, 2015

Good afternoon.
I wanted to get some information out to you before leaving on vacation for the next ten days.Dr. Taylor-Johnson and Mr. Lackey will be the administrators on-site at LMS during this time.
Late Work/Grading Policy I failed to include the following in my previous message.After lengthy consideration this past spring, we have determined that our Late Work practice regarding grading should be adjusted for 2015-16.We do this with the intent of finding the best means of 1) encouraging all students to complete work, while also 2) providing an incentive to develop positive work habits, support the development of organizational skills, and reinforce the importance of meeting deadlines.As a result, the following section will be included in our 2015-16 Student Handbook: “Students are expected to complete all assigned work by the due date, but will have an opportunity to submit work within a reasonable time after the due date and earn at least 70% of the score they would have earned…