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Greetings LMS Families,
I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine and nice weather this weekend. I finally turned off the heat and opened the windows to allow fresh air to flow through my home.
Let me start by saying how proud I am of our students for giving their all on the MAP Test. It’s been a busy seven days of testing and they did a fabulous job. They were so prepared and focused. I have no doubt that we did well. We always do. We will be conducting make up testing this week. I anticipate that makes ups will go just as smoothly.
We had a great time celebrating Administrative Professionals Day last week. Thank you to everyone that sent a kind note and/or treat for the office support team. We took them out to lunch and to our surprise an LMS parent picked up the tab. We could not believe it. Then again, we could because it’s an example of how how caring and thoughtful of a community we have.
We have a few more celebrations in the next few weeks, starting with Teacher Appreciation We…
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Greetings LMS Families,
Thank you to everyone who sent a nice note of appreciation to the Assistant Principals last week. They were super surprised and very thankful for the recognition of their hard work.

Speaking of recognition, we are about to start celebrating our students for all of their hard work this year. We have several programs on the horizon: NJHS Induction Ceremony, Diversity Cadre AA Recognition Night, Citizenship Honor Roll Ceremony, and the LMS Farewell Assembly to name a few. While these events are about student accomplishments, we must not forget to show gratitude to the parents and guardians who send these very special youngsters to us. Without you they would not be able to reach their full potential.

A great deal goes into getting the students here to school each day. Trust me, I know. I can barely get my first grader ready in the mornings without losing my mind. I can just about imagine what a typical morning is like with a middle schooler. Sprinkle in a…