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January 29, 2016

Good afternoon.I hope your week has gone well.
This is a reminder that I discourage team or teacher requests on registration forms for next year.I cannot guarantee that our staffing and team compositions will remain constant from year to year.Rather, I would prefer that you describe factors that you are aware of that best help your child learn (i.e. the type of instruction, or preferred learning style).This section for your input is located on the back of the registration form.With this information in hand, we can then use it to make team or teacher selections for the coming year.Thank you.
Our Spring Portfolio Parent Conferences are scheduled for March 9 (3:40 - 7 PM) and March 10 (1:40 - 7 PM). PLEASE NOTE: Conference times and format are different than in the fall.  An information sheet will be sent home with students on Monday, February 1 (and is attached to Blackboard Connect update email for your reference, as well as information about the format). Please follow instructions on the…

January 24, 2016

Good evening.I hope and your families have enjoyed the warmer temperatures today.
I received a few cute emails this past Tuesday evening from students urging me to provide them with a snow day on Wednesday.Although that did occur, I informed them that the decision to call off school falls well above my pay grade and is made by Dr. Jahnke.I did appreciate their thinking that I have more influence than I actually do.As likely occurred in numerous district households that morning, I did perform a happy dance when I received the phone call.A video of this will NOT be posted on YouTube.
Since registration forms for next year either have already gone home, or will soon do so, I should have reminded everyone prior to now that I discourage specific teacher or team requests for next year.As this past year has proven, I cannot guarantee specific staffing for the coming school year, nor can promise that core team configurations will remain constant.With that in mind, we ask that parents provide sp…