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June 1, 2016

    Thank you to you all for a great year of school.  I wish you and your families a great, safe summer.  For you returning parents, as well as our new parents from the Fifth Grade Center, I will be sending out updates as needed over the summer.
    Congratulations to Madison Grady and Nahom Tadesse, who were selected selected as our Diversity Cadre Students of the Year.  They are wonderful students and very deserving of this award.
    Congratulations to the LMS Science Olympiad team!  In the recent national finals, the team finished 14th in the nation.  Training for the event began in August and some of the kids even worked on events over the summer last year trying to get to this point.  The coaches are very proud of their determination and work ethic.  Thanks to all the teachers - Kindergarten and up, who contributed to their success by instilling such a wonderful love for learning!     Team members are (an asterisk before a student's name indicates…