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December 18, 2015

Good afternoon to everyone.
The first portion of this school year has gone by quickly and smoothly (for a Middle School).
I hope you and your families enjoy the next two weeks.If you are traveling, please do so safely.
Thank you, once again, for everything you and your children do to make this a great place to work, to learn, and to teach.
Congratulations to Roger Scherck (LMS Counselor).Roger graduated from the LACE Character Education Academy on Friday. LACE  is a complex and comprehensive year-long professional development experience for school leaders to help develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to create, implement and evaluate programs and processes that make their schools true learning communities in which character education is a vital part of the curriculum and culture. It is a MAJOR commitment!   
Congratulations to Martin Long (8th Grade Science, Pioneer Team) who was recognized as the winner of the 2015 Holiday Sweater Contest in a vot…

December 11, 2015

Good afternoon.I hope that your week has gone well.
As we enter the winter months, with colder morning temperatures, I just wanted to remind everyone that I don’t have anyone “on the clock” to monitor the front doors and let students in until 7:15 am.Although there are many mornings when I am here early, and begin watching for arriving students at 7 am, I can’t guarantee that I will always be available (i.e. morning meetings or commitments out of district).I just don’t want kids standing outside in freezing temperatures for extended periods of time until our Teaching Assistant goes on duty. I have also reminded teachers of this, in case your student comes in earlier than normal arrival times to work with them.
Congratulations and thanks to Twinda Murry, Ruth Panhorst, Elizabeth Dalby, Jessice Sparks and the members of the LMS 6th Grade Orchestra for their performance on December 9.
Congratulations and thanks to Aaron Lehde, Michael Faris, Betsy Cytron, Katie Solo…