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TJs TidbitsGreetings LMS Families, 
I hope everyone is doing well and was able to get out today. Being cooped up in the house for two straight days started off fun, but eventually got to be a bit much. There are only so many things to do with a seven year old who is SUPER BUSY. I was able to refine my NERF basketball, Pop the Pig, and Uno skills, so it was worth it in the end I guess (smile). My hubby celebrated his 50th bday today. We had to cancel his party on Saturday, but were able to celebrate as a family today, which was an added bonus. 
Friday was quite the adventure. Our team had to make very quick plans for the school day when we learned that we would be dismissing early. Fortunately, the day ran smoothly. Students and staff made it to school safely. We followed an Early Release schedule with a few extra minutes added to seventh period. The choir field trip continued as planned and everyone made it home. Thank you for your flexibility and patience. 
On Thursday, Mr. Biernbaum an…