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August 24, 2014

Good afternoon.I hope your weekend has gone well, and that you have been able to stay cool over the last few days.This would have gone out yesterday, but we got tied up with a birthday celebration during the day and had family over last night.
I would like to bring up two items at the beginning of this message, rather than list them down below in the body of the email.
Item 1 It came to my attention on Friday, as I was leaving for home, that several of our students were crossing Clayton Road (some of whom were outside marked crossing zones).Please be aware that we have an ABBCO employee (contracted by the district) that serves as a crossing guard (with stop sign and vest) on Clayton Road, near Sportman’s Park, on a daily basis in the afternoons.A Ladue PD officer is normally located at the intersection of Clayton and Conway Roads at dismissal to help release buses and cover that crosswalk for those students who live to the south of our campus.The officer was not present on Friday afterno…

Meet The Teacher Night

Good afternoon.  I hope your days have gone well.

I wanted to put out a reminder regarding Meet The Teacher Night and provide some informational items regarding this that may help.  You can find a general schedule on our LMS webpage and I believe 6th graders will be bringing home specific schedules for you parents this afternoon.

We here at LMS have a "good" problem with evening parent events - the turnout is usually spectacular, but we have limited parking space.  Because of that, I have scheduled a shuttle bus to run from Ladue Chapel (right up the hill on Clayton Road) to LMS and back, beginning at 6 pm and ending at 9 pm.  You can park in the front lot, the back lot, or in the Circle Drive if you arrive early enough.  If you park in the Circle Drive, please do not block the handicapped accessible cutouts in our sidewalk - these are painted blue and marked with cones.  Copies of student schedules should be available at both the main entrance and the back entrance to the Gym…

August 16, 2014

Good afternoon. I hope you are enjoying this rainy Saturday.
We seem to have had a good start to the school year, thanks to you, your kids, and our staff.The 6th graders went through a day of orientation activities on Wednesday and seemed to handle it well.Staff members were “on call” all day to help all students find their classrooms, provide help with lockers, and answer questions that came up.
I will assume that issues with bus routes and arrival/departure times will be sorted out soon.We have had a few late-arriving morning buses, with no penalty to students in terms of tardies.We have also had some buses arrive on campus in the afternoon later than normal.Once we get routes ironed out, we should be dismissing buses in about 7 minutes after dismissal.
Thank you to Jodi Blucher and Jodi Minkler (Co-Presidents) and members of the LMSPA Executive Board for hosting our first Parent Coffee this morning in the Cafeteria.The turnout was much larger than in years pa…