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March 31, 2017

Good afternoon.  I hope that your week has gone well. CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU’s
    Congratulations to LMS student Sophia Saleeby.  She was a runner-up in the final round of the St Louis Post-Dispatch Regional Spelling Bee on March 18.      
    Over forty Ladue School District students competed at the Missouri State Chess Championships on Saturday March 18 in Columbia, MO.  Our students did very well and congratulations to all of them. Team results: Grade 8 and under division - 1st Place.  Benjamin Shoykhet, Daniel Ye, Katie Eisenman, Joshua Fundler, Iris Zhou, Roshen Chatwal, Alex Rybak, Kanishk Shanmugam, Arya Bhushan, and Domenic Fenoglio. Grade 6 and under division - 2nd Place.  Andrew Teh, Yuvan Chali, Max Yang, Samuel Loiterstein, Allen You, Gil Weiss, and Andrew Stappenbeck.       Individual results: Grade 8 and under division - Benjamin Shoykhet 1st, Daniel Ye 4th, Katie Eisenman 5th, Joshua Fundler 6th, Iris Zhou 7th, Roshen Chatwal 13th, Alex Ryback 16th, Kanishk Shanmugam…

Orchestra Field Trip March 29

Good afternoon.
The following is intended for parents of students who are participating in today's Orchestra Field Trip.
I have just been informed that this group has been delayed in returning to school and will not arrive before our 3:15 pm dismissal.  The best estimate is that the group should return at approximately 3:30 pm.
I have spoken with Ms. Murry a few moments ago and she should be in the process of contacting parents of those students by phone.
We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Administration Change for 2017-18

Dear Ladue Middle School and Fifth Grade Center Parents,
We are so excited to be sharing with you the leadership plans for Ladue Middle School in the 2017-18 school year!
As you have hopefully read in the e-lert sent out by the district last evening, we will be taking on new roles next year.  The reasoning behind these changes were outlined in that communication (linked here), so we won’t go over them again except to say that we are both personally excited to be taking on our new roles and believe these changes to be in the best interest of our students and the district.
Just as importantly, we are equally dedicated to making the transition a smooth one for our current and incoming Ladue Middle School families, as well as our staff members.  
So, here’s what you can expect…
The 2017-18 school year begins on July 1, 2017, so our roles will not officially change for several months, allowing us ample time to transition responsibilities. Please continue to work with us as you always have! That…

March 16, 2016

Good evening.
    I hope that you and your family have the opportunity to enjoy at least a portion of Spring Break next week.  I can assure you that our teachers and staff look forward to it at least as much as the kids do.
    I have included MAP testing dates below in the Calendar Items section.  Please be aware that these dates are tentative, as we work on finalizing how much time will be needed for the required grade level exams.  Once these plans are finalized, I will let you know.  Student attendance on these testing dates is important, so please try to avoid making appointments for your child that will keep them out of school during this two-week period, if possible. CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU’s
    We wish to welcome Ryleigh Sue Grossbauer to the LMS family.  Ryleigh was born to Megan Grossbauer and her husband Jake on March 12. Congratulations to Martin Long, Hugh McMonigle, Kathy Murphy and members of the LMS Science Bowl teams for their performance at the regional competit…