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TJs Tidbits
Greetings LMS Families, Last week was a tough one. From the school shooting in Florida to the unexpected evacuation that
we had on Friday, I truly needed the four day weekend to recuperate. I sat down this evening and typed
up a long message that included my feelings about everything, but have since changed my mind and
want to share only this: As principal of LMS, I've understood what my job entails and have welcomed
the challenge. Last week really made me reflect on how critical my role is. It starts with ensuring every
student feels so valued and connected to the school that he/she would not feel such despair to want
to harm anyone in the school community and ends with assuring the safety and well being of students
and staff while in attendance each day. Both are absolutely essential for learning to take place.
What HUGE responsibilities! Please know that I will work tirelessly to live up to these expectations
and take them very seriously. For me, it's more than a …