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TJs Tidbits
Greetings LMS Families, 

We enjoyed seeing many of you at PT Conferences last week. Meeting with hundreds of families takes a great deal of energy, but it's time well spent as it strengthens the partnership between home and school. Having the Friday off to recuperate is greatly appreciated.

We are continuing to celebrate Red Ribbon Week and will bring it to a close on Halloween Day with costumes. This is always such an exciting day at LMS. Almost everyone participates. I'm not quite sure what my costume will be this year. I am thinking 70s...Be on the lookout for pics of all the fun! 

The District's Career Fair on Saturday was very successful. Over 170 people attended and MANY were there for middle school positions. We have 11 people retiring this year. If I were to imagine, there may be an additional position or two open due to normal circumstances (people moving, etc.). It's great knowing that so many people want to join our team. Why wouldn't they? We ar…