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TJs Tidbits
Greetings LMS Families, 
I hope everyone is doing well. Last week was a cold one. Brrrr...Glad it started warming up later in the week because on Tuesday, I thought I'd turned into a Polar Bear during bus duty. 
I received so many kind responses to my message last week about MLK. Several families shared how the day was spent and even went so far as to email pics. It warmed my heart hearing the wonderful things LMS students are doing in the community with the support of their parents.  
Middle School Registration Night is this week. I hope families are able to attend. This year we opted to have one meeting in the evening to accommodate more families, particularly those who are unable to make it due to work or other time commitments.   
Speaking of evening meetings, we have another Parent Engagement Meeting coming soon, February 28th to be exact. Be on the lookout for information in the next few weeks. The topic will be "Supporting LMS Building Initiatives." At …