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November 22, 2016

Good afternoon.
Here are a few items that needed to go out before the holiday break.
Turkey Trot That you to Matt Strayhorn for organizing this yearly event.  Thank you as well to staff who served as course marshals and to the LEF for their financial support.  Congratulations to the following grade level first-place finishers: Grade 6 Girl: Nicole Li     Boy: Liam Oiknine Grade 7 Girl:  Julia Armbruster     Boy: Conner Krell Grade 8 Girl:  Giselle Grench     Boy:  Gunnar Koon Staff Women:  Amy Hays     Men:  Roger Scherck
Discovery Education Testing Schedule DE testing will occur next Monday through Thursday.  We will have a block day schedule those days. Monday, 11/28 Math; Blue/Odd day Tuesday, 11/29 Math; Blue/Even day Wednesday, 11/30 Reading; White/Odd day Thursday, 12/1 Reading; White/Even day
Have a great Thanksgiving.

LMS Parent Association Winter Fundraiser

LMSPA Gift & Project: Teacher Tributes Fundraiser
The following is from the LMS Parent Association Co-Presidents, Elizabeth Lochmoeller and Reagan Minkler.

Please watch for your Winter Gift & Project: Teacher Tributes letter, arriving in the mail soon!
What is Gift & Project: Teacher Tributes?
If you're new to LMS or if you've ever asked yourself that question, the info below will help to answer that.
The Gift and Project: Teacher Tributes (lovingly called "G & P" or "Teacher Tributes") Fundraiser is the LMSPA's largest fundraiser each year.
G&P takes place twice each school year:  Winter, around the holidays, and Spring, near the end of the school year.

The funds raised every year through G&P make up a significant portion of the annual LMSPA budget.
Through this fundraiser, families donate to the LMSPA in honor of our wonderful Ladue Middle School Faculty and Staff.  As a family you decide whom you wish to honor with your donation.  You…

Turkey Trot schedule change

Good morning.
As a result of forecasted rain tomorrow/Tuesday afternoon, the Turkey Trot schedule has been adjusted to the following:

6th Grade - Period 2; 9:01 - 9:46 am 7th Grade - Period 3; 9:50 - 10:35 am 8th Grade - Period 4; 10:39 - 11:24 am

November 20, 2016

Good afternoon.  I hope that your weekend has gone well.
Congratulations to LMS students who recently participated in the Gateway Chess League Fall Open held on Saturday November 12th. The Ladue Middle School 8th grade and under team of Benjamin Liu, Alex Rybak, Arya Bhushan, Katie Eisenman, Joshua Fundler, Daniel Ye, and Roshen Chatwal finished in 2nd place.  In the 8th grade and under division individual standings, Benjamin Liu received 4th place, Alex Rybak received 6th place, and Arya Bhushan received 8th place. The Ladue Middle School 6th grade and under team of Samuel Loiterstein, Max Yang, Rory Bland, and Gil Weiss also finished in 2nd place.  In the 6th grade and under individual standings, Samuel Loiterstein received 5th place and Max Yang received 7th place.
Congratulations to the cast of Seussical KIDS! Jojo: Jenna Boltzman; Cat: Ron Weiss; Horton: Kaden Missey; Mayor: Josh Rosen; Mayor's Wife: Udonne Eke-Okoro; Sour Kangaroo: Bronte King-Levin…

November 18, 2016

Good afternoon.  I wanted to let you know how the week at LMS is finishing up.
A group of students expressed an interest in staging a demonstration yesterday against racism and intolerance at the end of the day.  That group ended up making signs and posters in our Cafeteria, under the supervision of counselors and administrators.  
Another demonstration has been planned for this afternoon during 8th period.  School administration is aware of the plans, and will be there to monitor the students for safety.  Students have been asked to complete a request to demonstrate form indicating why they would like to leave class to participate.  This allows us to know which students will be in what location during the demonstration.  This is optional for all students.
Students will gather with school staff in our Cafeteria to discuss peaceful demonstrations and expectations.  A demonstration route has been planned to prevent/minimize disruption for students remaining in classes, working on planned a…

November 17, 2016

Good morning.
In regard to recent events and concerns within our district, we as a team have taken some proactive steps to 1) ensure our students’ safety and 2) provide students the opportunity to voice concerns and express their rights to Freedom of Speech.  We believe in providing our students not only with academic opportunities, but also with opportunities to learn and grow in a safe and inclusive environment. We know that LMS and the other schools in the district have work to do, but we are committed to providing a safe and positive learning environment for all of our students. We have provided students who would like to share thoughts and ideas about the recent events two opportunities to do so today:  1) in our office conference room, with a counselor and/or administrator; and/or 2) in designated safe spaces during lunch periods.  This sharing will be done according to the LMS Honor Code, meaning that all voices will be heard in a respectful manner.  We are a community devoted to…

November 13, 2016

Good evening.  I hope that your weekend has gone well.
Recent events in our nation have led to an environment of divisiveness in many communities.  This leads me to believe that communicating the following to our students and staff this coming week is proactive and needed.  I will communicate this over our intercom, during morning announcements, as well as with our faculty and staff. One of the great characteristics of LMS is the level of diversity within our school community.  LMS should be, and will be, a school in which everyone can feel protected, respected, and valued regardless ethnicity, culture, religious choice,  language, and political affiliation or philosophy.  As we approach “I Am LMS Day” on January 13, a day on which we celebrate diversity, inclusion and community, we will resist the opportunity to use our recent elections as an excuse to belittle, marginalize, and denigrate others.  This current situation provides all of us an excellent opportunity to show our public who…