March 31, 2017

Good afternoon.  I hope that your week has gone well.

    Congratulations to LMS student Sophia Saleeby.  She was a runner-up in the final round of the St Louis Post-Dispatch Regional Spelling Bee on March 18.      

    Over forty Ladue School District students competed at the Missouri State Chess Championships on Saturday March 18 in Columbia, MO.  Our students did very well and congratulations to all of them.
Team results:
  • Grade 8 and under division - 1st Place.  Benjamin Shoykhet, Daniel Ye, Katie Eisenman, Joshua Fundler, Iris Zhou, Roshen Chatwal, Alex Rybak, Kanishk Shanmugam, Arya Bhushan, and Domenic Fenoglio.
  • Grade 6 and under division - 2nd Place.  Andrew Teh, Yuvan Chali, Max Yang, Samuel Loiterstein, Allen You, Gil Weiss, and Andrew Stappenbeck.      
Individual results:
  • Grade 8 and under division - Benjamin Shoykhet 1st, Daniel Ye 4th, Katie Eisenman 5th, Joshua Fundler 6th, Iris Zhou 7th, Roshen Chatwal 13th, Alex Ryback 16th, Kanishk Shanmugam 25th, Arya Bhushan 28th, and Dominic Fenoglio 31st.
  • Grade 6 and under division - Andrew Teh 3rd, Yuvan Chali 13th, Max Yang 16th, Samuel Loiterstein 17th, Allen You 19th, Gil Weiss 21st, and Andrew Stappenbeck 33rd.
    Many of these students will be competing at the US Chess Federation SuperNationals VI tournament in Nashville, TN in May.  In addition, Ben Shoykhet has been chosen to be the Missouri State representative for the Dewain Barber Tournament of Champions, which will be held in Norfolk, Virginia at the end of July.


No School; District professional development
LMSPA evening meeting and speaker Julie Smith (see below); 6 pm; LMS Library
Science Olympiad State competition; Westminster University; Fulton, MO

National Library Workers day
LMSPA Executive Board meeting; 1 pm
LMS Percussion concert; LHWHS Performing Arts Center; 7 pm

MAP testing; grade 6, English Language Arts (tentative)
MAP testing; grade 6, Math (tentative)
LMS Choir concert; 7 pm; LHWHS Performing Arts Center
LMS Diversity Cadre Courageous Dialogue
MAP testing; grade 7, English Language Arts (tentative)
MAP testing; grade 7, Math (tentative)

MAP testing; grade 8; English Language Arts (tentative)
MAP testing; grade 8; English Language Arts (tentative)
Administrative Professionals Day
MAP testing; grade 8; Math (tentative)
LMS Band concert; 7 pm; LHWHS Performing Arts Center
MAP testing; grade 8; Science (tentative)


Laduettes Interest Meeting
The Laduette Dance Team will be holding an informational tryout meeting for 8th grade girls next Wednesday, April 5th during lunch in room 135.  This meeting will provide students who are interested in trying out for the high school dance team with information about how to try out, clinics and more.

The Secret Language of Digital Media
    As a follow up to the Ladue Education Foundation’s presentation of “Screenagers”, the Ladue Middle School Parent Association has procured an excellent speaker to help educate parents about raising children in this digital age.
    Julie Smith is a media professor, national and international presenter, and author of “Master the Media.”  In her fun and engaging talk, she will share what she thinks is missing in digital citizenship education, the secret language parents need to know about, and tips & tools to help our kids protect their digital identities.  Knowledge is power.  
    Please join us on Wednesday, April 5 from 6 to 7:45 pm in the LMS Library.  We will begin with a brief LMSPA meeting (no more than 15 minutes), followed by our captivating speaker, Julie Smith.

Girls In The Know
    There will be a culminating event and celebration for program graduates and the community on April 22 at Clayton High School from 9:30 to 11 am.  Activities will include a yoga session, injury mobility screens, cupcakes and an inspirational speaker.  The event is free but is limited to the first 200 registrants.  To register, go to the Girls In The Know website and click on the Be You image.
Schedule Questions for 2017-18?
    The link Schedule FAQs may address some questions you may have about our programs and schedule for the coming year.  

A message from the 8th Grade Party Committee
    The 8th grade party committee needs your help! This is a parent funded event based on donations. We have raised 1/3 of our goal so far through car wash and raffle ticket sales. Here’s how you can help.....
1. Donate online on
2. Drop off a check in the welcome center made out to LMSPA with 8th grade party noted.
3. Purchase raffle tickets during conferences. Prizes are front seats at the end of the year assembly and reserved parking. $1.00 each.
    Money raised will go towards DJ, photo booth, games, decorations and food. The slide show will be presented as well so please submit your photos of your kids from Kindergarten to current to We prefer school related activities, please.

8th Grade Slideshow
    As a part of celebrating the accomplishments of 8th graders next spring, a slideshow) is shown at the 8th Grade party and at the Farewell celebration. We would like to ask for your help in contributing photos for the slideshow. We’re looking for good-quality photos (preferably taken with a digital camera instead of a cellphone) of school-related activities…sports events, field trips, musical performances, classroom experiments, etc. Our goal is for every LMS eighth grader to be included in the slide show!
    If you have any photos to share, please email them to If you’d prefer to put your photos on a flash drive, there will be a couple in the LMS office, designated for parent use, after winter break. Simply pick one up, load your photos, and return it to LMS.
If you have any questions, please contact Julie Schuster at


Immunization Requirement Changes
​     In the past year there have been some immunization changes required by the state of Missouri that will affect students going into 8th grade next school year. Students entering 8th grade will now be required to have a Meningitis immunization and a Tdap immunization prior to starting 8th grade. Your child may have already had both of these immunizations!
    Please check with your pediatrician to verify if these have been completed. If not, please begin making appointments at your earliest convenience. Take advantage of the upcoming breaks to get this requirement out of the way. Do not wait until August when physician offices are booked.   
    You can send the updated immunization records that reflect that your child has these immunizations. The nurse's office will accept these records immediately - no need to wait until summer.
    You may email, fax, or send in a copy of the record to the nurse's office.   
​​​Email: ​
​Fax:  314-9​97-8736​

With spring around the corner...

    Did you know you can eat your way to allergy relief?  Many common foods have anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties that soothe allergy symptoms.  Fight your flare-up with these everyday foods:
  • Apples (contain flavonoids that fend of inflammation)
  • Red grapes (boast antioxidants and resveratrol; both fight inflammation)
  • Citrus fruits (their dose of vitamin C does wonders for cold and allergy symptoms)
  • Collard greens (rich in carotenoids which reduce allergic reactions)
  • Fish and nuts (both have properties that boost immunity and fight inflammation)
    You can access the Ladue Middle School Parent Association website at and subscribe to email blasts from the LMSPA at
    Information regarding Ladue Board of Education meetings and work sessions can be found at

Have a great weekend.


Gregory Baber  B.S.Ed., M.Ed., Ed.S.
Principal, Ladue Middle School

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