LMSPA Items 11/18/13

Good morning.

The following are two items from the LMSPA:


Just a reminder that fundraiser cookie dough should be delivered to LMS this Thursday.  Orders of up to four items will be sent home with students that afternoon.  Orders of more than four items can be picked up by parents (in the Gym entryway, next to the Cafeteria) from 3:15 to 6 pm.  Please use the door at the back of the Gym, nearest the Circle Drive.  Parking should also be available in our back parking lot.  Please direct questions to Elizabeth Cobin, LMSPA Fundraiser Chair, at cobin@att.net


Hopefully by now, you have received your Ring A Ram buzz book.  One was sent home for each family household.  The Buzz Book, both online and paper, is a great resource for our community to stay connected.  Creating the paper buzz book is a large undertaking since our student population is so large, but the LMSPA believes in promoting that sense of community!  That being said, for various reasons, there are students that don't get their information published in the paper book.
The LMSPA is planning to create a downloadable addendum document that can be printed listing any students that are not in the paper buzz book currently but would like to be listed.  Once completed, a link to the document will be emailed out to all LMS families.  You can choose to print the document and insert it into your paper buzz book.
If your child is not currently in the paper buzz book but would like to be, please email Jodi Blucher at blucher6@me.com with the following information you would like included:

  • Child's first/last name
  • Child's grade
  • Child's team
  • Parent's first/last names(s)
  • Home address
  • Home phone
  • Parent's cell phone numbers
  • Parent's email addresses
We will take submissions for students until Monday, November 25th.  THIS IS ONLY FOR CHILDREN MISSING FROM THE PAPER BUZZ BOOK, NOT FOR DATA CHANGES.  Please remember that if you have any changes to your information throughout the year, please update using the online buzz book.
The LMSPA Executive Board

Thanks and have a great day.


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