Ski Trip Friday/Morning Traffic

Good morning.

I just wanted to remind everyone of possible morning traffic issues tomorrow morning (our first Ski Trip Friday of the year).

In the past, a significantly larger number of cars are on our lot dropping off students and ski/snowboard equipment.  This has typically been busiest between 7:50 to 8:10 AM.

I would suggest two things:
  • Carpool, if possible.
  • Try to drop your student off prior to 7:50 AM.  Please keep in mind that our front lobby doors are not supervised for student drop off and entry to the building until 7:15 AM.

We will manage. 

Have a great day,


PS:  Since last Friday's Ski Trip had to be cancelled, you may be wondering how the anticipated rain tomorrow may affect the trip.  I checked with Mark Biernbaum this morning.  He informs me that Hidden Valley's base is approximately 18 inches.  Any amount of rain tomorrow morning, short of storms with heavy downpoors, will not likely affect the trip.  The forecast also calls for rain to be out of here prior to dismissal.  Should the situation arise that Hidden Valley closes, they should contact us as soon as that decision is made.  I will then send out a notice asap, so please monitor your email tomorrow if you child is scheduled to participate.  We don't have a definite backup plan in that event as yet, but are discussing any options that might arise.  

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