Ski Trip Reminders

Good morning.

As our next Ski Trip date approaches tomorrow, I wanted to send out a few informational items:

  • Ski Trip Fridays have more than the average number of cars dropping students off in the mornings.  I would suggest carpooling if possible, and definitely trying to make it to campus prior to 7:50 AM (when most of our buses arrive).
  • Please have your child’s ski/snowboard equipment clearly marked with their name and grade level.  If they bring these items to school with them, they will be stored in the Welcome Center lobby during the school day.
  • Please also ensure that your child has their food/snack money, hat, coat, gloves, etc with them when they come to school.  I would ask that last-minute delivery of items during the school day be held to a minimum, if at all, so as to not disrupt/interrupt classes.  This also ties up our office staff and TAs, keeping them from other duties.  If an item must be delivered to a student, please be aware that it may have to wait until a TA or someone else is available.  

Thanks for your time and have a great afternoon.


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