8th Grade Farewell Assembly May 20, 2016

Good morning 8th Grade parents.

We hope that you will be able to attend today’s 8th Grade Farewell Assembly.

Here are a few items for your information:

Program Times
The assembly will begin at 12 noon and should last until around 1:30 pm.  It will occur in our Gym.

You may use any available parking spaces on our campus.  Parking can also occur on the blacktop at the back of our building.  It works well to make four rows - one each on the sides next to the fence and two down the middle of the lot.  Parking can also occur in our Circle Drive, but please remember three things: 1) I need to reserve space for unloading of the Shuttle Bus, near the Gym doors; 2) I need to keep the “cut through” open; and 3) please do not park in the Conway Road exit, as our lot gets narrower there.
Also, parking in the Central Bank lot, across Conway Road, is prohibited.  In past years, Ladue PD had to have parents leave the assembly to move their cars.
As mentioned above, a Shuttle Bus will also be available to run between our building and Ladue Chapel (just to the east on Clayton Road, at the top of the hill).  It should begin service around 11:30 am.

Building/Gym Access
Entrances will be accessible at the front of the building, and at both doors at the rear of the Gym, beginning at 11 am.
Access to the Gym will be available at 11:15 am.

The 8th grade students will have a section reserved for them in the center of the Gym.  Seating for family members and guests will be on either side of the student section, and in the bleachers.

Student Dismissal
Students may leave with their parents at the conclusion of the assembly, without check out through the office.



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