Message from the LMSPA

LMSPA Spring Gift & Project and 8th Grade Legacy Gift Fundraiser

**Deadline extended**

The following message is from the Ladue Middle School Parent Association (LMSPA):

You should have recently received a letter in the mail for the LMSPA's Spring Gift & Project and 8th Grade Legacy Gift fundraiser.

6th and 7th grade families received a general Spring Gift & Project letter, and 8th grade families received an 8th Grade Legacy Gift letter.
This fundraiser allows you to donate to the LMSPA in honor of any of our wonderful Ladue Middle School teachers and staff who have touched your student's life and your family's life in some way.
8th grade families, your donations will help fund the legacy gift for this year's 8th grade class of much-needed new furniture for the LMS Library Media Center.  Our current tables and chairs are nearly 20 years old, heavy and very cumbersome for the librarians to move around and reconfigure for the various daily uses of the library.  We are hoping that through your generous contributions, we can make the library a more feasible learning space for LMS students.

The funds raised every year through Gift & Project make up a substantial portion of the annual LMSPA budget.  These funds allow the LMSPA to continue to provide many important programs throughout the year that benefit LMS students, families, and teachers and staff.

Thank you to all of the families who have already donated.

If you haven't already, we hope that you will make a tax-deductible Spring Gift & Project donation and/or an 8th Grade Legacy Gift donation to support the LMSPA.

Each LMS staff member will receive a letter in the last few days of the school year listing the names of all those who made a donation in his or her honor.  In order to be included on the staff acknowledgement letters, donations must be received by Tuesday, May 10th.

Please visit the LMSPA website for more information or to donate online:

We will be recognizing donors on the LMSPA website soon.

Questions?  Please contact either of our Gift & Project Co-Chairs, Melissa Garza ( or Julie Stappenbeck (

Thank you very much for your support!

Elizabeth Lochmoeller and Reagan Minkler, LMSPA Co-Presidents and the LMSPA Executive Board

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