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Greetings LMS Families,

We've had an eventful two weeks since I last updated you. Our OLWEUS Bully Prevention Assemblies were a huge success. Many students and parents have expressed appreciation for having the program at LMS and believe it will make a difference. Our staff feels the same way and is enjoying teaching the curriculum through class meetings. Please remind your student and familiarize yourself with our LMS Anti-Bullying Rules/Community Expectations:

As part of the LMS Community,

I will not bully others.

I will help anyone who is bullied.

I will include anyone who is left out.

I will help by notifying an adult if I witness bullying.

Students can anonymously report bullying should they experience or witness someone being the target of bullying behavior by going to the LMS website, clicking on Honor Code, and then clicking on the Report Honor Code Violations link. These reports are routed directly to every principal and counselor regardless of grade. We will act on the reports immediately. Here is a link to the page: LMS Honor Code Violation Link. Thank you in advance for your support!



LMS was highlighted as the Picture of the Week on the LHWHS Weebly Page, which receives over 500 unique visitors and over 1500 page views. A picture from one of the OLWEUS Bully Prevention Kick Off assemblies was chosen. Click here to see the image that was chosen.

As part of Red Ribbon Week activities, students and staff are allowed to wear costumes on Halloween. Costumes must be school appropriate and not interfere with learning or classwork. Students MAY NOT wear masks or bring costume weapons.


We are having an inordinate amount of early pick ups during the last period of the day, particularly the last 10 minutes of school. If at all possible, we ask families to allow students to finish out the school day in class. If a student has an appointment that is unavoidable, please make every effort to email or call the front office (Danna Anderson-983-5513 or ahead of time. Calling into our classrooms multiple times a day especially in the afternoon interrupts instructional time. If you call ahead, the front office will get a slip to your student to leave class and head to the Welcome Center at the specified time.  We realize that emergencies do arise, however if you know ahead of time that you need to pick up your child, this small request makes a huge difference for the teachers and students that are in class. We greatly appreciate your cooperation and understanding that our uninterrupted learning time is very valuable.

Looking for an excuse to come up and spy (oops, I meant to say spend precious time) with your student? We invite families to attend Parents to Lunch on the following dates:

November, 8 (6th)- 10:57 a.m.
November, 9 (7th)- 11:54 a.m.
November, 10(8th)- 12:51 p.m.

Lunch is 25 minutes. It is recommended that families come at least 5 minutes before each lunch shift begins to give yourself time to beat the stampede of middle schoolers rushing to the cafe. Please keep in mind our food allergy policy and ONLY bring lunch for your student.
PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Quarterly Parent Engagement Meetings that are scheduled this year, we will NOT have Principal Visits immediately following.

The LMS Ski Club is starting soon. Information was sent home on Friday, October 20 and a Parent Link email was sent as a follow up. Please click on this link for information: LMS Ski Club Information  and follow the instructions to ensure your student gets signed up properly. Below are the turn in dates, which start at 7:20 a.m.  
8th Grade-Nov. 1,  7th Grade-Nov. 2,  6th Grade-Nov. 3,  Make-up day-Nov.6 ,  Nov. 8/Final turn in  Questions? Contact Mr. Mark Biernbaum at



Do you have a family member or friend who is a veteran of the armed forces? Please have your student help LMS recognize the service of veterans by providing the name, photo, branch of service, and answer to the question, "This veteran is important to me because ...."


This information may be emailed to PE teacher Tricia Wideman (, and she will include it in a Veteran's Day slideshow to be shown at lunches on Friday, November 19.


The LMSPA has finished the Buzz Book and will send a copy home with each student in the upcoming week.


We will also cancel ALL activities on 10/31 to allow students and staff to get an early start on spending Halloween with their families. Cancellations will be communicated to students through school announcements as a reminder.

If you did not pick up your student's Quarter 1 Report Card at PT Conferences, it will be mailed home. Grades can always be monitored through Infinite Campus if you would like to check before you receive the report card.

LMS students and staff are celebrating drug-free and alcohol-free living during our annual Red Ribbon Week events, October 23-31.  Fifteen students, five from each grade, were trained by the NCADA (National Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse) to be Red Ribbon leaders. This group helped the school counselors plan events for the week. Remaining spirit days include:
Monday, 10/30 Favorite Sports or Academic Team
Tuesday, 10/31 Halloween Costumes (NO masks or costume weapons)

Attention 6th Grade Parents:  The LMSPA is sponsoring a fun, fall social for your students.  The social is Thursday, November 2nd, after school from 3:15-4:15.  All 6th graders are invited to attend. Fun will include a DJ, games, snacks and a cool "Sublime Science" demonstration from the St. Louis Science Center.  Late buses will run after for any students that need them.

Parent volunteers and help are necessary to make this event a success!!  You can give your time, donate food/water or make a monetary donation.  Please use this link to sign up or go to My School Bucks to make a monetary donation.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact any committee chair: Amanda Dieckhaus, Duffy Hofer, or
Miranda Giesie

A BIG thank you LMS family and friends for supporting our 2017 Fall Fundraiser!
We’ve managed to raise close to $4K and thanks to you, we'll be able to fund equipment, supplies, field trips, and much more!  If you did not collect your items during PT Conferences, please stop by the Welcome Center to pick up your order. All online orders will be shipped directly to your mailing address. If you have any questions or problem picking up during the above times, contact Usha Kesavan, or 314 915 3006.

You can still support our Fall Fundraiser by doing your holiday shopping online!  Online sale is open till Dec 31, just remember to include our LMS Fundraiser ID 316863.  Please share with family and friends – MixedBags ships anywhere within the US.

As always, thank you and we appreciate your support.

We are excited to announce that LMS has been selected to be a part of the exciting Schnucks - Bags 4 My Cause program, designed to create revenue streams for not-for-profits like us.  For every reusable Giving Bag with the “Giving is in the Bag” message purchased during the month of November at the Schnucks store in Ladue Crossing Shopping Center at 8867 Ladue Road, $1.00 will be donated to LMS!  The bag retails for just $2.99 and is located on the reusable bag rack. If for some reason you do not see the rack, simply ask the store manager where the reusable bag rack is located and he/she will be happy to show you! The reusable Giving Bag can support us while also helping to eliminate paper/plastic use!  Please pass this exciting news on to your friends and family. The more people who learn about the program and purchase the Schnucks Giving bag during the month of November the more money we will raise! To learn more about this amazing opportunity, please visit  or view the flyer that was attached to the Parent Link email. I will continue to update you in the upcoming weeks. Imagine if everyone (staff and families) purchase just ONE bag, we will receive a donation of close to $1200.00. Thank you so much for your continued support of LMS!

The LMS Administrative Team is sponsoring a new series of Parent Engagement Meetings. The goal of these meetings is to educate families on school initiatives, programming/curriculum changes, as well as provide opportunities for dialogue and sharing of feedback that our LMS Team can use to inform our practice and get better. The first meeting will be held on Monday, November 13 at 6:00 p.m. and will last for 45 minutes. The topic will be "Cultivating the Home/School Partnership." More information will be shared later as we are in the planning stages.

We are noticing that families are arriving extremely early for afternoon pick up and are lining up on the blacktop during school hours (prior to 3:10). Physical Education classes are utilizing the black top during 7th period. PE teachers have closed the gate, but parents are getting out of their cars and opening the gates. We ask that if you arrive early, please do not open the gate. It is critical that we keep all cars off of the blacktop to ensure the safety of our students that are in classes. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

For safety reasons, if picking up your student from an after school activity prior to the 4:15 bell, please stop by the Welcome Center so that he/she can be checked out of the building. Once you notify the office that you are here to pick up your student, the Activity Coordinator will have the student sent down ASAP. We appreciate your assistance with this as it helps us tremendously with attendance monitoring and reporting.

The dates for the Memphis trip are March 8-9 and the cost per family is $210.00. More information will be shared later. If you are interested in serving as a chaperone, please contact Mr. Brian Beracha at PLEASE NOTE: Parents who chaperone will have to pay the fees to attend the trip. Parents may also have to get a background check per district guidelines.


Information regarding Ladue Board of Education meetings and work sessions can be found at


Please take a minute to review the building expectations and procedures that are listed below. It is my hope that by periodically sharing a few expectations in my Family Update, families will become aware and can work in partnership with us to establish an optimal learning environment and ensure the safety and well being of students while at school.

We recognize that there are occasions that parents will need to pick up students early from school. Should you need to arrange this, please contact Ms. Danna Anderson at 983-5513 or by email at Following this procedure, will ensure that your student is waiting for you in the main office and prevents phone interruptions into the classroom. We also ask parents to please consider no early dismissals between 3:00-3:10 if at all possible.

For safety reasons, when students arrive to school at 7:30 in the morning, we ask that they enter the building at 7:30 and remain in the lobby until dismissed to their grade level assigned area at 7:50 (Cafe-6th, Boys' side of the gym-7th, girls' side of the gym-8th). Students should NOT go to their lockers or other areas of the building unless prearranged with a staff member. While in their assigned grade level area, students should sit and remain seated until the supervisor dismisses them to class.  

Did you know that there is a method to the madness for how we dismiss students at the end of the day? Please take a minute to review the Afternoon Dismissal Procedures that we will be sharing with students. It is extremely important that all students follow these procedures. Doing so allows us to get everyone (bus riders, carpool, and walkers) home safely and in a timely manner.

We are fortunate to serve breakfast in the mornings for LMS students. Students wanting to purchase breakfast should report to the cafeteria immediately upon arrival to school (do not go to lockers or class first). If arriving before 8:02, regular breakfast will be provided. Students arriving after 8:02, will be served “grab and go” items. Breakfast is not considered “social time.” Students participating in the breakfast program are expected to eat as quickly as possible and head to class.    

Please remind your student that electronics, including cell phones, headphones/earbuds, speakers, etc. should remain out of sight for the duration of the school day from 8:10-3:10. This includes lunch. If these items are seen, they will be confiscated as noted in our LMS Student Handbook. We strongly encourage families not to send personal technology devices to school unless requested by the classroom teacher for educational purposes. Note: If there is an urgent message that your child needs to have, please contact the office and we will get the message delivered as soon as possible.  Thank you for your help with this matter.

Over the summer, we made some changes to our front circle.  The changes were made to provide better access to our building for individuals with disabilities and to help alleviate the congestion in the morning especially on Conway Road. This will only work if families park and walk in.  For the safety of our students and families, we ask that families no longer pull over to let students out of the car in the morning or afternoon or pull into a parking spot to let them out. The only time the crosswalk should be used in the morning is if a parent needs to come into the building with their student(s). Thank you for helping keep our community safe.

We have been asked to remind families not to drive around the Admin Center and go in or out of High Downs Lane (the lane on the east side of the MS) during morning drop off or afternoon pick up. This is very dangerous and can lead to accidents and collisions with residents and employees who work at the Admin Center. We also have students walkers and athletes utilizing that area. Along the same lines, please do not park at the bank and let your student out on Conway Road. We understand the challenges that come as a result of the morning and afternoon rush. Again, your student’s safety, along with the other 1000 students in attendance, is our number-one priority. We appreciate your assistance in reinforcing this critical message.

For safety reasons, students should not be dropped off prior to 7:30 a.m. We do not have any adult supervision prior to 7:30 and our building is locked. Students who arrive prior to this time will have to remain outside. Parents/guardians of students consistently on campus in the mornings without supervision will be contacted by administration.

At the end of the school day (3:10), students should either ride the bus home, walk, get picked up, or participate in the TAS (Teens After School) Program. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, after school supervision is unavailable after 3:30 unless special arrangements have been made with a staff member to supervise in their classroom. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, after school activities are provided from 3:10-4:10.  Students who stay after for activities should be picked up at 4:10, no later than 4:30. As in the morning, parents/guardians of students consistently on campus in the afternoons without supervision will be contacted by administration and may also be taken to TAS and charged a fee.

In previous years, we have been able to be a little more flexible with this. Unfortunately, we are unable to do so this year due to staffing. PLEASE MAKE NOTE OF THIS CHANGE as we would want to avoid having students sitting outside in extreme hot and cold weather conditions.

The following is a reminder to some, and new information for others, regarding our morning and afternoon traffic patterns and drop off/pick up procedures.

Our school day for 2017-2018 will be 8:10 am to 3:10 pm.  
If you plan to transport your child to school by car in the morning:
  • Please be aware that students cannot enter our building until 7:30 am when someone on duty to monitor the front doors and lobby.
  • Students may be dropped off at the front of the building prior to bus arrival (they typically begin appearing around 7:45 am).  Please follow the designated traffic flow arrows as you enter our campus from either Conway or Clayton roads.  
  • There will be staff members at locations 1, 2 and 3 to help with traffic flow and supervision.  Please follow their directions.  
  • After buses begin arriving, car traffic will be routed to the rear of the building.  The person at location 2 will notify drivers.
  • Please proceed down the right-hand drive all the way to the Maintenance Building (end of fencing), then circle back to the rear of the building through the parking lot, staying to the right.  Students will be dropped off at the designed area (ONLY along the sidewalk) and enter the building through the east back door to the Gym.
  • Cars will then exit the campus using the lower drive (two-way traffic) onto Clayton Road.  Please, please, (and please) turn right onto Clayton Road.  A left-hand turn onto Clayton, at this time of morning, is potentially dangerous and causes a backup for cars attempting to exit our campus.  

If you plan to pick up your child from school by car in the afternoon:
  • Please be aware that buses begin lining up in our front Circle Drive around 2:45 pm.  Cars parked in the Circle Drive have the very good chance of getting blocked in as more buses arrive.  If you have the need to pick up your child before dismissal, I would highly suggest parking in one of the marked parking spaces in the lower drive.
  • Cars will be directed to the back of our building to form a “carpool line” as indicated in the second photo.  NOTICE: This year the carpool line will begin lining up backwards to previous years.  Please drive all the way down the right drive to the Maintenance Building.  If there are students on the parking lot (fenced in area), please wait at the gated entrance until students leave.  Then, pull into the lot on the LEFT side and begin a line at the recycling bins (along the fence INSIDE the parking lot).  When the line reaches the gate at the back, begin a new line just to the right of the existing line.  This should keep the lower drive from backing up and blocking cars wanting to leave. A staff person will be located at area A to assist with this.
  • At dismissal, students who rides buses will be dismissed first, while students who are picked up by car and those that walk will be held in the lobby (until about 3:20 pm).
  • Please do not instruct your child to leave the lobby with bus riders and walk through our lots to meet you at your car.  This is potentially dangerous as students do not always watch for traffic. It also puts the child in an awkward position as he/she is not following school rules and can be assigned a consequence for not doing so.  If you need to pick your child up before buses leave, please notify your student’s grade level administrator and meet your child at the front of the building so that he/she is accompanied while walking through our parking lot.  Students are NOT to exit through the doors near the Gym or in the 6th and 8th grade halls.
  • Buses are typically loaded within 10 minutes of the 3:10 pm dismissal.  Once buses are released, then the staff member at location A will signal cars to approach the front of the building.  Students waiting in the lobby will then be released to be picked up by car.  Most students are gone by 3:30 pm.

If your student will ride a bus to and from school:
  • Please make sure your student knows his/her assigned bus number.
  • Bus riders will have a maximum of 10 minutes after the 3:10 pm dismissal to gather their belongings and exit the front of the building.
  • Students must check the “bus board” located near the Circle Drive at the end of the sidewalk leading from the Main Lobby doors to determine the location of their assigned bus.
  • Students should board the bus quickly, rather than loiter in the front of the building.

Bus passes:
A temporary bus pass may be used for a student to ride home on a different bus.  Passes are available on the district website and the Welcome Center and must be completed and approved BEFORE the date of use.  Drivers should be given a copy of the completed and approved bus pass as the student boards the bus.

Thanks for your patience with all of this.  It is much easier to verbalize than to communicate in writing.  Everyone typically gets the hang of this within the first fews days of school.  Our goal is to get students delivered and picked up safely, while also trying to keep traffic flow moving.

When school is in session a number of cars have been cutting through Picardy Lane (northeast corner of Conway/Warson) causing traffic to back up at this intersection. We are asking families for assistance as a courtesy to the residents in this neighborhood. Please do not use Picardy Lane as a cut through to get to the school in the mornings. We have been advised that there will be police presence in that neighborhood to deter those who use it as a means of avoiding the intersection at Warson and Conway Roads.  

Our building policy does not allow consumption of food by others for safety reasons and to promote healthy living. Chartwells Food Service is offering treats for purchase to families that want to do something special for a birthday or other milestone.  We appreciate Chartwells for providing alternative options to families that want to have celebrations at school during lunch shifts. Check out the flyer that is attached to this update.


On behalf of Ladue Middle School and the LMS Parent Association, we would like to thank you for contributing to our Fall Fundraiser. Although our catalog sale has ended, you can still support us with online orders through December 31. Just remember to include our LMS Fundraiser ID, which is 316863 when you place your order. Mixed Bag ships directly to the purchaser anywhere in the USA (shipping is free on orders $75 and up) so feel free to share the link and/or Fundraiser ID with family and friends. Here is the online sales link: Mixed Bag Fundraiser Link
For those who have already turned in your catalog order at the school's Welcome Center, your goodies will be available for pick up during Parent Teacher Conferences in October. We’ll provide more details closer to date, so please keep an eye out for emails and updates on Facebook & Twitter. Please keep those online orders coming. Again, a big "THANK YOU" for your support and contribution.
Please contact Usha Kesavan at if you have any questions.
The LMSPA relies on your support to fund teacher grants, field trips, student parties, equipment and supplies, and much more! If you haven't paid your dues yet, you can drop off a check in the front office or pay online. Just click the link below and select LMSPA from the pull-down menu.
It's super easy... click here!

The LMSPA will have both day and evening meetings to accommodate varying schedules -- all are encouraged to attend! Meetings will be held on the following dates at LMS (room TBD):
Wed. November 15, 2017 from 7-8 p.m.
Tues. December 12, 2017 from 12:30-1:30 p.m.
Wed. January 10, 2018 from 7-8 p.m.
Tues. February 13, 2018 from 12:30-1:30 p.m.
Tues. March 13, 2018 from 12:30-1:30 p.m.
Wed. April 11, 2018 from 7-8 p.m.
Tues. May 8, 2018 from 12-2 p.m.

You can subscribe to email blasts from the Ladue Middle School Parent Association at  
The LMSPA can also be followed on Facebook at and on Twitter @mylmspa

10/31           No After School Activities
11/1             LMS Ski Club Turn In- (8th Grade)
11/1             Orchestra Concert 7pm
11/2             LMS Ski Club Turn In- (7th Grade)
11/2             6th Grade Social Event After School
11/3             LMS Ski Club Turn In- (6th Grade)
11/6             LMS Ski Club Turn In (Make Up Day)
11/7             No School for Students  PD Day
11/7             No  After School Activities
11/8             6th Grade Parents to Lunch (NO Principal Visit Afterwards)
11/8             German Field Trip
11/8             Choir Concert 7pm LPAC
11/9             7th Grade Parents to Lunch (NO Principal Visit Afterwards)
11/10           8th Grade Parents to Lunch (NO Principal Visit Afterwards)
11/13           Pegasus Field Trip
11/13           LMS Parent Engagement Meeting 6pm
11/14           ELL Pie Night
11/15           LMSPA Meeting 7pm
11/16           Orion Field Trip
11/16           German Field Trip
11/16           M&M Club Meeting
11/20           7th Grade Field Trip (World Religions)
11/20           Phoenix Field Trip
12/6             Orchestra Concert 6th grade 7pm
12/7             Band Concert 6th-8th 7pm 

That’s all for now. Take Care!
Dr. T-J
Principal, Ladue Middle School

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