My Sincere Apologies

Dear Parents,

Earlier today I sent out my weekly newsletter.  I had just received information about a blog that contained resources for parents about cyberbullying apps, namely a new app called Yik Yak that is prime for bullying. In my haste to quickly get this resource in your hands, I did not review it as carefully as I now wish I had.  It contains some very explicit language which some may find offensive. The value was not in the blog itself, but in the identification of an app that is inappropriate for students. My intent was simply to share information with you about the multiple social media apps available to children of all ages, many of which can be used anonymously to bully without the sender being traced. Again, my apologies if the content of the blog was offensive to you.

Here at school we do everything in our power to ensure students are not using these applications.  However, once they leave our premises, most students still have access to multiple devices that we cannot control.   My goal is to arm you with the information you need to help teach your child good digital citizenship.  Please know this was my only intent as you review the information provided.

The bottom line is that the content sent out through the weekly Principal Update is my responsibility, alone.  I am sincerely sorry.


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