LMS Assemblies Friday 10-9

Good afternoon.

As has been communicated in the Calendar Items section of the Parent Update, LMS will provide two assemblies tomorrow morning, with the subject of bullying/anti-bullying.  These will be conducted by Mrs. Tina Meier of the Megan Meier Foundation.  Both assemblies will pertain to cyber-bullying and the awful potential effects that such activity can have on adolescents.  Mrs. Meier’s story of her daughter, who was the target of cyber-bullying leading up to her death by suicide three weeks before her fourteenth birthday in 2006, is extremely compelling and will hopefully make an impact on our students.

The assemblies, funded by a grant from the Ladue Education Foundation, will occur at 8:20 am for 8th graders and at 9:49 am for 6th and 7th graders.  In addition, ten students from each grade level have been randomly selected to participate in a small group breakout session at 11 am with Mrs. Meier.

Thank you for your time,


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