LMS Morning/Afternoon Traffic

Good morning.

The following is a reminder to some, and new information for others, regarding our morning and afternoon traffic patterns and drop off/pick up procedures.  

Our school day for 2016-2017 will be 8:10 am to 3:10 pm.  

If you plan to transport your child to school by car in the morning:
  • Please be aware that students cannot enter our building until 7:15 am, when I have someone on duty to monitor the front doors and lobby.
  • Students may be dropped off at the front of the building prior to buses arrive (they typically begin appearing around 7:45 am).  Please follow the designated traffic flow arrows as you enter our campus from either Conway or Clayton roads.  
  • I am typically at location 1, with staff members at locations 2 and 3 to help with traffic flow and supervision.  
  • After buses begin arriving, we change car traffic to the rear of the building.  The person at location 2 will notify drivers.
  • Please proceed down the right-hand drive, then circle back to the rear of the building through the parking lot.  Students will be dropped off at the designed area and enter the building through the back door to the Gym.
  • Cars will then exit the campus onto Clayton Road.  Please, please, (and please) turn right onto Clayton Road.  A left-hand turn onto Clayton, at this time of morning, is potentially dangerous and causes a backup for cars attempting to exit our campus.  

LMS AM Traffic Before Buses 16-17.png
LMS AM Traffic After Buses.png

If you plan to pick up your child from school by car in the afternoon:
  • Please be aware that buses begin lining up in our front Circle Drive around 2:45 pm.  Cars parked in the Circle Drive have the very good chance of getting blocked in as more buses arrive.  If you have the need to pick you child up before dismissal, I would highly suggest parking in one of the marked parking spaces.
  • Cars will be directed to the back of our building to form a “carpool line” as indicated in the third photo.  A staff person will be located at area A to assist with this.
  • At dismissal, students who rides buses will be dismissed first, while students who are picked up by car and those that walk will be held in the lobby.
  • Please do not instruct your child to leave the lobby with bus riders and walk through our lots to meet at your car.  This is potentially dangerous as students do not always watch for traffic.  If you need to pick your child up before buses leave, please notify your student’s grade level administrator and meet your child at the front of the building so that they are accompanied as they walk through our parking lot.
  • Buses are typically loaded within 10 minutes of the 3:10 pm dismissal.  Once buses are released, then the staff member at location A will signal cars to approach the front of the building.  Students waiting in the lobby will then be released to be picked up by car.  Most students are gone by 3:30 pm.

LMS PM Traffic Pattern.png

If your student will ride a bus to and from school:
  • Please make sure your student knows their assigned bus.
  • Bus riders will have a maximum of 10 minutes after the 3:10 pm dismissal to gather their belongings and exit the front of the building.
  • Students must check the “bus board” located near the Circle Drive to determine the location of their assigned bus.
  • Students should board their bus quickly, rather than loiter in the front of the building.

Bus passes:
Temporary bus passes may be used for a student to ride home on a different bus.  These are available through our LMS office and must be completed and approved before the date of their use.  Drivers should be given a copy of the completed and approved bus pass as the student boards the bus.

Thanks with your patience in all this.  It is typically easier to describe than to type out.  Everyone typically gets the hang of this within the first fews days of school.  Our goal is to get kids delivered and picked up safely, while also trying to keep traffic flow moving.


Gregory Baber  B.S.Ed., M.Ed., Ed.S.
Principal, Ladue Middle School

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