July 5, 2016

Good morning.  I hope that this message finds you well and that your family had a wonderful July 4 holiday weekend.

More messages will come in the weeks ahead as we get closer to the beginning of school.  This is meant as a mid-summer check in, just to get the ball rolling.


Congratulations to former Teacher Assistant Tara Matthews.  Tara has secured a teaching position with Rockwood School District for 2016-2017.  


Please be aware that the LMS office will continue on a four-day workweek from now through the week of July 18.  We will be open Mondays through Thursdays, 7 am to 4:15 pm.

Election in LMS Library

All Staff reports
Packet pick up: 7 am - 12 noon
District Opening Meeting; LMS office will be closed that morning
Packet pick up: 12 noon - 5 pm
LMS Breakfast and Staff Meeting; LMS office will be closed 7:30 - approx 9:30 am
Community Night; 4 - 7 pm

New 7th and 8th grade student orientation; 8:30 - 10 am
First Day of School
Parent Coffee; 8:30 - 9:30 am

SRI testing; all grades
Fire Drill with Ladue FD; 2nd period
After School Activities begin
Meet The Teacher Night; 6:30 - 8:30 pm

DE 1; block days (through 9/1/16)
6th Grade Camp Parent meeting; 7 - 8 pm
Picture Day?  (looking for an alternate date)
Early Release day; 12:40 pm
Professional development

Staffing update
Four new members of the LMS faculty will join us for 2016-2017.  
They are:
Linda Deposki - Special School District
  • B.S.Ed.; University of Missouri - St. Louis; 2011
  • M.A.; In progress
  • Special School District; LaSalle Springs Middle School (Rockwood School District)
  • Linda has been a Special Olympics coach since 2012.  She helped co-sponsor a Friends-Helping-Friends club for multiple years at LaSalle Springs.  
Rebecca Faintich - Reading/Literacy Coach
  • M.A. Ed. - Lindenwood University 2003
  • B.A. Ed. - Stephens College 1995
  • Spoede Elementary, Ladue School District - Reading Specialist 2007-present
  • Spoede Elementary, Ladue School District- 4th Grade Teacher 2001-2007
  • Iveland Elementary, Ritenour School District- 4th Grade Teacher 1998-2001
  • New Haven Elementary, Columbia Public Schools- 1995-1997, 3rd Grade Teacher/ At Risk Student Coach
  • Rebecca lives in Chesterfield with her husband and sons.  She loves to cook and create jewelry in her free time.
Stephanie O’Brien - Apogee
  • B.A.; Cornell College; 2009
  • 3rd Grade Gifted; Kennard Classical Junior Academy; St. Louis Public Schools
  • WINGS/Math Enrichment; Hudson Elementary; Webster Groves School District
  • Math Interventionist; Avery Elementary; Webster Groves School District
  • Stephanie has also coached volleyball since 2007 and was a member of the Cornell College Rams volleyball team for three years as a setter/defensive specialist.
Elizabeth Rendine - Grade 6 ELA
  • B.S.Ed.; University of Missouri; 2011
  • M.Ed.; University of Missouri (Teaching Fellowship); 2012
  • 4th Grade; Mark Twain Elementary; Webb City, MO
  • 4th Grade; Spoede Elementary; Ladue Schools
  • 4th Grade; Pierremont Elementary; Parkway School District
  • Elizabeth was recently married in October of 2015.  Both she and her husband were born and raised in St. Louis and are moving back from Joplin.  
Office staff changes:
  • Peggy Breidenbach, former Registrar, will assume the role of Principal Secretary and Budget Specialist.
  • Carol Stephens, former Counselor Secretary, will assume the role of Registrar (and will continue management of our master schedule).
Other current positions to fill:
  • Nurse.
  • Counselor Secretary.
  • Teacher Assistant (2).

Packet Pickup
Packets (including student schedules and locker assignments) may be picked up at the LMS Lobby on Monday, 8/8, 7 am - 12 noon and on Tuesday, 8/9, 12 noon - 5 pm.  If you have an 8th grade student for the coming school year, please take special note of the item below regarding immunizations.  Please note that we are prohibited from allowing any 8th grade student from beginning classes until the necessary immunization information is provided.  As a result, 8th grade student schedules will be held until we receive that information from your child’s doctor.  
In regard to lockers, I would highly suggest that you and your child bring at least a lock (students supply their own) when you pick up your packet.  In this way, you can at least locate the correct locker and secure it before the crowds typically associated with Community Night.  Most lock types will work on our lockers, but please try to select one that does not an exceptionally thick hasp (or whatever the curved metal thing is named that goes through the hole in the locker handle).  Signs will be posted throughout the building to help in locating your student’s assigned locker.
Student schedules will be completed at that time.  Unless we have made an error in a student/parent class choice, please refrain from asking for schedule changes (particularly of the “I want to be with my friend” variety).  A significant amount of time has been invested to trying to meet course requests, locating course sections to optimize our classroom/teacher time and resources, and balancing section sizes.  Please also be aware that some Elective course requests may not have been possible to meet due to class size limitations or other student needs.

Community Night
Community Night will occur on Friday, August 12, from 4 - 7 pm.  This is an opportunity to place supplies in students’ assigned lockers, locate classrooms, and drop off completed forms and donations of tissues/antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizers.  The LMS Dads Club will also be providing dinner in the cafeteria (more information regarding menu items will be forthcoming).  Past large turnouts result in some crowding, so we ask that the following schedule be followed if at all possible:
  • 6th grade: 4 - 5 pm
  • 7th grade: 5 - 6 pm
  • 8th grade: 6 - 7 pm
Please be aware that teachers will not be in classrooms during Community Night.




Immunization information/Grade 8
As a result of immunization changes required by the State of Missouri, students entering 8th grade for the 2016-2017 school year will now be required to have a meningitis immunization and a Tdap immunization prior to beginning school.  Your child may have already had both of these immunizations.  Please check with your child’s pediatrician to see if these have been completed and, if not, get an appointment scheduled.
Updated records from your pediatrician that reflect that your child has received these immunizations may be faxed to (314) 983-5965 or mailed to the LMS School Nurse at 9701 Conway Road; St Louis, MO; 63124-1646.  Information regarding the immunization requirements for 8th grade can be found at:
Please note that we are prohibited from allowing any 8th grade student from beginning classes until the necessary immunization information is provided.


You can subscribe to email blasts from the Ladue Middle School Parent Association at http://www.mylmspa.com/eblast-newsletter/

Information regarding Ladue Board of Education meetings and work sessions can be found at http://boardbriefs.blogspot.com

Have a great rest of your summer.  I will be taking two weeks of vacation July 11 through July 22, with some fishing with family, dogs and friends.  While I am away, Dr. Taylor-Johnson will be in the office.  

Take care.  


Gregory Baber  B.S.Ed., M.Ed., Ed.S.
Principal, Ladue Middle School

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