LMS Student Schedules 2016-17

Good afternoon.

I wanted to take a moment to emphasize a portion of my previous message regarding student schedules for 2016-17.  This has also been communicated to our grade level administrators, counselors, and scheduler.

We began the scheduling process in the spring of 2016.  Since that time, work has been invested in making the best Team placements based upon parent and staff input and information.  Teams compositions will be balanced as much as possible.

We have put in extensive time to meet top choices for Elective course requests as they were received in our office.  Please keep in mind that we do this while working with class size requirements.

By the time student packets are ready for pick up on August 8 and 9, student schedules will be finalized.  I want to avoid two possible scenarios that have arisen in the past as we approach the first day of school:
  • “I have changed my mind about my Elective choice(s).”
  • “I want to be with my friend(s) in _________ class.”

I feel that we at LMS are very accommodating and flexible whenever possible, but in order for us to maximize our efforts and time in preparation for the beginning of school, I need to take a firm line on the above.  I hope that everyone will work with us on this and understand the need for this practice.

Thank you for your time and your cooperation.



Gregory Baber  B.S.Ed., M.Ed., Ed.S.

Principal, Ladue Middle School

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