Additional Items to the Feburary 6, 2014 Update

Good afternoon.  The following items came to my attention after the weekly update was posted yesterday (I knew this would happen).

Rams Club
The Rams Club has started! The Rams Club is a club for 8th grade students who are interested in staying after school to watch home basketball games but need supervision. The Rams Club is a club that provides a place for students graders to stay after school, get homework done and have a snack, and then go to the game. This club will be supervised by 8th grade teachers.  It will meet only on the days that there are home basketball games (February 13, 18 and 20 are the games that remain).  A signed permission slip is required to be a part of this club and must be turned in before the afternoon of the game.  Permission slips are available in the Welcome Center or AP Office.  If you would like an electronic copy of the permission form or more information, contact Sarah Schwartz:

Laduette Meeting
The Laduette Dance Team will have a meeting next Thursday 2/13 during the 8th grade lunch.  Any 8th grade student interested in trying out is encouraged to attend this meeting.  Tryout packets will be distributed and members/sponsors will address any questions.

Thanks and have a great weekend.  Stay warm.


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