Schedule Update 2/6 and 2/7


Good afternoon.  I hope everyone is doing well and staying warm.

Because today’s snow day occurred during our week of Discovery Education testing, we have had to look at Thursday and Friday and make a slight adjustment.

Thursday will be the same as originally planned – a WHITE/EVEN day.

Friday will change from a normal day to a WHITE/ODD day to take the place of today's snow day.

We will make every effort to get the remainder of DE testing done for as many students as possible this week.  Next Monday will be a makeup day, although we will be back to a regular schedule.  Because we try to coordinate with LHWHS on our Blue and White regular days, next Monday will be a White day.

If we have a Late Start on either Thursday or Friday of this week, we will most likely stick with our regular Block Day schedule, beginning with an extended 2nd block (a difference of about 20 minutes).  Please remember that we begin at 9:30 am on Late Start days.

Thanks for your time and be safe,


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