Two Items

Good afternoon.

I thought I should address a concern that has been communicated this afternoon, as well as an item I failed to include in my previous email.

PT Conference Online Signups
It appears that there are issues with the first link I provided in my amended email:
I have been told that difficulties may be associated with specific search engines.
Based upon feedback I have received, no issues seem to occur with going through our LMS website and using the link:  
I hope this helps.

Schedule Changes
In order to solidify/finalize our master schedule and class sections, student- and/or parent-initiated course changes can occur through the end of the school day (3:05 pm) this Friday, August 15.  All other course changes from that point forward will need to be initiated by grade level counselors and based upon extenuating circumstances.

Thank you, again, for your time.  Although the opening day of school is hardly ever perfect, we look forward to greeting your kids and hope the day goes well for all.


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