PT Conference Link

Good morning.

We are doing well so far.  A few late buses, but not a huge deal.  Everyone got in the building and is where they should be.  I've walked through most classrooms so far (and am heading to 8th grade team classes in a few minutes) and the kids and teachers seem to be fine.

For those of you who have experienced trouble with the online Parent Conference sign up process, I am including a new link below provided by our Technology Coordinator:
Please let me know if you continue to have problems.

For those parents who will pick up their students by car this afternoon, just a reminder that buses will load first in the Circle Drive.  Cars arriving on campus before 3:15 pm should proceed to the back of the campus, drive down through the middle of the blacktop lot, turn right, and line up on the outside of the fence (facing the building) on the Maintenance Drive.  Once buses have departed (hopefully prior to 3:15), then car riders will be released from the Lobby and cars can pick them up in the Circle Drive at the front of the building.

It was great to see everyone this morning.


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