August 8, 2014: Dress Code and Technology Devices

August 8, 2014
Good afternoon again.

I failed to include some information that should have been included in my previous message.

I highly encourage incoming LMS students and parents to access/review our Student Handbook.  Although we will be providing each student with a copy at the beginning of the year, the Handbook can also be accessed through our school website, under the Information tab.

Two sections come to mind, in particular: Dress Code on page 33 and Personal Technology Devices/Usage located on page 40.  I will not retype each entire section below, but would like to emphasize some key points.

Dress Code
Although we cannot dictate current and ever-changing fashion trends, we do expect students to be attired appropriately at school.  If you would, please pay particular attention in this section, with your child, to clothing that is revealing of more body area than is necessary.  Students with questionable or inappropriate clothing will be asked if they have additional attire in their lockers that they can change into.  A second option is to have them check their PE lockers for other attire.  If neither is viable, then spare t-shirts and shorts may be available through the Assistant Principal office.  Should all else fail, APs may be contacting parents to provide alternate outfits.

Personal Technology
We realize that adolescents with cell phones and other devices is a reality.  With that being said, we also recognize that possession and use of such devices during the school/work day can often be a distraction to the learning process.  Teenagers are also not always diligent in where they leave them, or to whom they “loan” them.  We have provided teachers discretion to allow use of personal technology devices in their individual classes.  If the teacher determines that use of these devices, in their class on a particular day, serves an educational purpose, then their use will be approved.  We have agreed, as a staff, that listening to music while completing work is not an educationally-beneficial activity. 
I strongly suggest that students secure their devices in their locked lockers at the beginning of the school day until dismissal (also turned off).  If a student wishes to carry their phone on their person, then we expect them to be turned off and out of sight (NOT hanging out of a shirt or shorts/pants pocket).  Should a teacher give permission for use of personal technology devices in their particular class, then students should not assume that this permission automatically extends to other classes in their schedule.  Students will also not be allowed to access and use their cell phones during their lunch shift.  Should you need to reach your student, for any reason, please do so through our LMS Office and we will get a message to them as quickly as possible.

Thanks again for your time and your support of the above.


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