Meet The Teacher Night

Good afternoon.  I hope your days have gone well.

I wanted to put out a reminder regarding Meet The Teacher Night and provide some informational items regarding this that may help.  You can find a general schedule on our LMS webpage and I believe 6th graders will be bringing home specific schedules for you parents this afternoon.

We here at LMS have a "good" problem with evening parent events - the turnout is usually spectacular, but we have limited parking space.  Because of that, I have scheduled a shuttle bus to run from Ladue Chapel (right up the hill on Clayton Road) to LMS and back, beginning at 6 pm and ending at 9 pm.  You can park in the front lot, the back lot, or in the Circle Drive if you arrive early enough.  If you park in the Circle Drive, please do not block the handicapped accessible cutouts in our sidewalk - these are painted blue and marked with cones.  Copies of student schedules should be available at both the main entrance and the back entrance to the Gym (nearest the Circle Drive).

Our evening will being with an Opening Meeting in the Gym beginning at 6:30 pm.  This will be as brief as possible.  Parents will then be released from the Gym, by grade level, to begin their tour through their child's schedule.  Each session in a class period will last seven (7) minutes.  Teachers will provide course expectations and basic information regarding their classes.  Obviously, seven minutes is not enough time to conduct parent conferences - should you have a need to meet with a teacher regarding your child, I strongly suggest you make arrangements to meet with them during the school day, if possible.  Each teacher has an individual Plan period that can be used for such purposes.  They are also available by phone or email.  Our evening will close at 8:30 pm.  Please help me get teachers out of here on time and on their way home to rest up for the next day of school.

I am aware of three staff members who will not be available tomorrow evening:
  • Christina Thomas, Grade 7 Spartan Communication Arts - she should have sent out a previous communication to her parents and has made arrangements with another Communication Arts teacher in that grade level to answer questions.
  • Sharrie Cognac, Technology/Industrial Arts - her sub, Richard Hellewig, should be present tomorrow evening to provide class information.
  • Colleen Deibel, Grade 7 Titan Science - her sub, Matt Mortillo, should be present tomorrow evening to provide class information.
Thank you.  We look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening.


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