Student Schedules in IC

Sorry for yet another email.

For those of you who are wondering, student schedules in Infinite Campus will not be visible until tomorrow.  We have held this capability in order to verify that students have received and documented the necessary immunizations before the beginning of school (as per State law).  If you DID NOT receive a prior notification that your child needed such immunizations, then you and your child are fine.

Hard copies of Student schedules were included in packets that have been available beginning August 4.  If you have not requested a course adjustment since receiving your student's schedule, then it is still in effect.

If you have worked with Carol (a member of our office staff) since August 4 to make a schedule adjustment, then you should have an amended schedule in hand.

Please be aware that Carol has run hard copies of schedules for ALL students before leaving for home this evening.  This will include all changes made since August 4.  These copies will be provided to grade-level administrators and counselors for distribution tomorrow morning.

There may be a few of you who have requested recent changes and do not have an amended schedule in hand from Carol.  I have verified by phone from Carol that she has contacted those parents in this situation and has communicated that adjusted schedules will be available tomorrow morning.

I hope this helps answer any questions you may have.

Thank you,


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