November 2, 2015

Good morning.  I hope you and your families had a safe and enjoyable Halloween.

My apologies for not getting this out over the weekend.  We got involved in family activities and time got away from me.

Please be aware of a calendar change below:
The 6th Grade Parents to Lunch has been moved from November 10 to November 17.


Congratulations to LMS Art Teacher Melshonda Lowe-Dobbins.  Her artwork was accepted for exhibition at's "33October" production.  The reception was held at the The Old Orchard Gallery, 39 South Old Orchard Avenue, in historic Webster Groves on Friday, October 23.

Thank you to our National Honor Society members and sponsors Lisa Kovarik and Kevin Kearns for the recent Joseph Goldman Positive Train of Thought fundraiser.  Our NJHS students did a terrific job organizing a meaningful way to remember their classmate while raising just over $1200 for the Challenger Baseball program that Joseph loved.
Thank you to Twinda Murry, Ruth Panhorstand the 7th Grade Club Orchestra students for putting on the first annual Bach and Bagels program last Wednesday morning. 

Congratulations to the following students who earned a place in the St. Louis All-Suburban Middle School Honors Band.  They were among the over 600 students from the St. Louis Suburban District that took a blind audition last Monday night. 
Hannah Harder, 1st chair flute; Daphne Levy, 4th chair flute; Melody Zhang, 8th chair flute; Seth Goldman, 2nd chair bassoon; Pema Childs, 1st chair clarinet; Katie Eisenman, 2nd chair clarinet; Xander Ye, 5th chair clarinet; Alvin Li, 7th chair clarinet; Alex Migala, 10th chair trumpet; Daniel Jung, 1st chair trombone; Olivia DeHaven, 12th chair trombone; Bradford Siwak, 1st chair baritone;
Alec Hines, 5th chair percussion.
The All-Suburban Honors Band will perform at Ladue High School on January 10, 2016

Congratulations to the following orchestra students who will represent LMS in SLSMEA Middle School Honor Orchestra.  There were over 300 students who auditioned for the orchestra.
6th Grade: Ryan Silver, violin; Andrew Smock, viola; John Cramblitt, cello.
7th Grade: Hugh Chan, principal 2nd violin; Lucy Yue, violin; Jason Ding, violin; Grace Hu, violin; Daniel Diringer, cello; Roland LaBonte'.
8th Grade: Shelei Pan, concert master; Anna Zhong, violin; Lena Liang, violin; Lilly Tung, violin; Christopher Ye, violin; Brendan Yang, violin; Cindy Wang, violin; Katie Shaw, violin; Jacob Sheldon, viola; Becky Tan, cello.
The All-Suburban Honor Orchestras will perform at Ritenour  High School on Saturday, January 9.


Wednesday, 11/4
LMS Choir Concert; 7 pm; Ladue Horton Watkins HS Performing Arts Center
Thursday, 11/15
Hearing Screenings

Monday, 11/9
National Blue Ribbon School Recognition Ceremony; Washington DC (through Tuesday, 11/10)
Tuesday, 11/10
LMSPA Executive Board meeting; 1 pm
Wednesday, 11/11
7th Grade Parents to Lunch; 11:26 am
Orchestra Concert, Grades 7 and 8; 7 pm; LHWHS Performing Arts Center
Thursday, 11/12
Fire Drill (weather permitting); Period 3 (10 am)
8th Grade Parents to Lunch; 12:14 pm
Friday, 11/13
No School; Professional Development Day for Staff

Tuesday, 11/17
6th Grade Parents to Lunch; 10:38 am (moved from 11/10)
Wednesday, 11/18
ELL Pie Night; 6:30 pm; Location TBD

Monday, 11/23
Fire Drill; Period 6 (approximately 12:55 pm, weather permitting)
Wednesday, 11/24
LMS Turkey Trot
Thursday, 11/25 and Friday, 11/26
Thanksgiving Break; No School



Documentary Screening
On Tuesday, November 10, the LMS Diversity Cadre will be sponsoring a screening of the documentary Black Girl in Suburbia in conjunction with the St. Louis International Film Festival’s Cinema for Students program.  The film explores the experiences of black girls growing up in predominantly white communities and is intended to spark an open dialogue about race, identity, and perspective among all people.  All students (regardless of race or gender) are welcome, and so are parents and grandparents.  The screening will be followed by a group discussion. Students will need a permission slip to stay for this event, and participation is limited to the first 60 students who turn in a permission slip. Permission slips are available in room 232 or from Social Studies teachers.
The film will begin at 2:25 and the event will end in time for students to take the late bus home.  Please note that students attending this event will miss the last part of 8th hour and are responsible for any missed work.

Field Trips and payment options
We are now providing a third payment option (if needed) for field trips.  This will be an online option through the MySchoolBucks program (currently being provided to make online payments to student lunch accounts) through a section designated School Store.  MySchoolBucks can be accessed through our district website, near the bottom of the page.
Our first two preferred forms of payment for future field trips will be either the online option noted above or by personal check.  Should either of these payment options not be possible, we will accept cash as a last resort.
If you prefer to take advantage of this online option, please look for the “Field Trip title” noted on the permission form sent home with your student, as well as the “Open date” and “Closing date” to submit payment.



From the Nurse
As we begin to enter cold and flu season, please recall Ladue guidelines regarding ill students staying home from school.  Please follow this link for details:
When to Keep Your Child Home From School
Fever is a symptom of illness and not an actual diagnosis. Fever usually indicates that the body is battling an infection. A child with a fever greater than 99.9 degrees Fahrenheit needs to stay home from school until the fever is gone for at least 24 hours without medication (acetaminophen or ibuprofen).

Ski Trip Dates
The following are Ski Trip dates for 2016:
·      Jan 8
·      Jan 15
·      Jan 29
·      Feb 5
·      Feb 19
Feb 26 - Make up day if needed

For your information, the Ladue Schools Today - High School Renovation Initiative segment is now online. 

Lunchtime Lectures
Lunchtime Lecture series, sponsored by the Ladue Middle School Parent Association, have begun.  The next lecture will occur on November 4, presented by Joanne Curran (Learning Consultant and Tutor), who will speak on Homework and Study Strategies.  All Lunchtime Lectures will occur in the LMS Library, beginning at noon for about one hour.  Please be aware that our food allergy protocols prohibit peanut- and/or tree nut-based food items in our building outside of the Cafeteria and Staff Lounge.

LMSPA eBlasts
     If you are not currently receiving LMSPA email news blasts but would like to, please click on the following link to subscribe:

Board Briefs
     Information regarding Ladue Board of Education meetings and work sessions can be found on

I hope you have a great week.


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