Orchestra Concert November 11

Good afternoon.  This message was previously sent out in a Blackboard Connect email.

The following is for parents and families of LMS 7th and 8th grade Orchestra students. 

We have a scheduled Orchestra Concert this evening at the High School Performing Arts Center, beginning at 7 pm.

I talked with both Ms. Murry and Ms. Panhorst earlier today about the possibility of severe weather this evening.  I have also been monitoring radar and forecasts throughout the day.

Based upon what I am looking at, and hearing, at the present:
·      There is a system coming from the southwest toward the St. Louis area.  This system has grown in size and intensity of rainfall over the last half hour, with multiple strong storm cells.
·      According to what has been communicated by local weather, this system is scheduled to be in our area late afternoon or early evening, with the possibility of damaging winds.
·      There is a second storm system to our northwest that has resulted in Tornado and Severe Thunderstorm watch areas.  Although this system will likely not affect us directly, I am thinking that this might indicate an unstable atmosphere in general in our area this evening.

In an effort to keep our students, parents, and staff safe, I have made the decision to postpone this evening’s Orchestra Concert.  Ms. Murry, Ms. Panhorst, and I will look for alternate dates.

I know, having visited the Orchestra room, how hard the students and teachers have worked to be ready for this evening.  I have debated this decision and have waited as long as possible to make every effort that all students and parents are aware of this change in plans.

I will very likely be wrong in this decision, but still feel better on erring on the side of caution when it comes to the possibility of severe weather and having large groups of students and parents in one location (or travelling from and to home).

I appreciate your time and apologize for disrupting plans for this evening.


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