Dismissal April 19, 2016

Good afternoon LMS parents:

I wanted to inform you of some concerns that have arisen over the past few weeks regarding dismissal procedures.  As the weather has turned nicer, an increasing number of students who walk or get picked up by car are leaving the building with bus riders at 3:05 PM.

I am aware that, at the beginning of the school year, conversations with some parents occurred regarding picking up their students prior to 3:15 PM (when buses typically leave our campus).  Special permission was granted to several through the grade level principals.

My concern now is that the large number of students who do not ride buses are:
  1. Walking across the circle drive through buses unescorted.
  2. Walking through the parking lot, with traffic coming in to campus.
  3. Attempting to cross Clayton and Conway Roads at locations that do not have crosswalks.

We are informing students of the following and wanted you to be aware of our normal procedures through the remainder of the school year:
    Walkers and/or students in carpool should remain in the lobby until all buses are dismissed. Students may not cross at the crosswalk unless escorted by a parent and/or administrator, nor should students cut in between buses or through the bushes outside in effort to exit prior to bus dismissal. If special arrangements need to be made, please have your parent contact your grade level administrator at 993-3900. This applies everyday including Early Release days and on Fridays.

I am concerned about student safety and would greatly appreciate everyone’s cooperation in this process.  As stated above, should there be extenuating circumstances, please contact your student’s grade level administrator:
  • Scott Lackey, Grade 6.
  • Tiffany Taylor-Johnson, Grade 7.
  • Sarah Schwartz, Grade 8.

Thank you,


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