Friday Camp Bus Arrival


Good morning.

The following message is intended for parents of 6th grade LMS students who have attended Session 2 of 6th Grade Camp and will be returning this afternoon.

Based upon our experience from Wednesday afternoon:
·      HS Camp Counselors and your students’ luggage should return to LMS at around 1:30 pm today.  Counselors and LMS personnel will unload the luggage and arrange it on our front lawn based upon students’ cabin assignment (designated by a specific ribbon color).
·      Students will be returning in four buses and should arrive between 1:30 and 2:00 pm.  The buses will unload in the Circle Drive, near the Library, so it would be great if you can keep this location free of parked cars.  If there are no marked spaces to park at the front of the building, we will also have parents line up in the back lot as we do with car pool – once the buses have unloaded and left, cars can then proceed to the front of the building.
·      You are welcome to take your student and their belongings home, without having to check out through the office.
·      Students who are not picked up will be assigned to a location in our building and supervised until the regular 3:05 pm dismissal time.

Thanks for your help.


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