PM Dismissal and Ski Trip Friday

Good afternoon.

Here are a few quick items regarding weather (the next few afternoons) and traffic (Friday morning):

Due to the cold afternoon temperatures projected for this week, we will:
1.  Direct bus riders whose buses have not arrived soon after our 3:05 pm dismissal to wait in the Library.  They will be supervised by school staff.  An announcement will be made in the Library when their bus arrives so they can board.
2.  Students who are picked up before or at 3:05 pm will follow their normal procedure.
3.  Car riders who are not picked up until closer to 3:15 pm or after will be encouraged to wait in the Lobby.  They can look out our Lobby windows and exit when their rides arrive (just wanted you to be aware in case you pull up and don't see your student waiting outside).  We will have school staff supervising in the Lobby as well.

As previously mentioned, this Friday is our first Ski Trip date.  As a result, we typically experience a larger number of cars dropping off students in the morning than normal.  I would suggest:
1.  Dropping your student off by car between 7:15 and 7:45 am.  At some point, you may be directed to proceed to the back lot and drop your student off there, where they can enter the back door of the Gym.  This will be based upon traffic factors at that time.  Buses typically begin arriving close to 7:50 am.
2.  Car pool, if possible.  This will reduce the overall number of cars on our lot.
Whether students enter through the front entrance, or the back Gym entrance, they should then proceed to the Lobby to drop off their labeled ski equipment in designated grade level areas.

Thanks for your time,

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