LMS Dismissal and Bank parking

Good afternoon.

I was going to include the following in tomorrow's Update, but then thought it better to send out now so that it didn't get buried in the other information.  This will not apply to the majority of you, but wanted to share with everyone to increase communication in general and communicate a concern.

In past years, I have asked that parents not park in the First National Bank parking lot (across Conway Road from the LMS campus) when picking up students at dismissal.  I admit that such requests have not been communicated frequently enough.

I received a recent message from a business that is housed in this facility, expressing their difficulties with parents parking in the customer and employee lot during afternoon student pick up times.  This creates issues for their customers coming to transact business and employees returning to work and trying to find a parking place.

I would greatly, greatly, appreciate it if we can avoid parking in the First National Bank parking lot at dismissal.  I say this knowing full well the challenges our current campus configuration presents when having to get your kids from school quickly.  Since I have also asked that parents not park behind our staff parking spots in our lot, allowing them to leave upon clocking out at 3:15 pm, the only other options that I can offer at this time are: 1) utilizing the car pool line that forms at the back of our building each day to pick up students after buses leave, or 2) locating in one of our available parking spots on our campus.

Thank you, very much, for your consideration.


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