Car Pool 1/9/15 at Dismissal

Good morning.

I forgot to mention in yesterday's message what will follow below.  This will apply to any of you who will be picking up students via our carpool line this afternoon, as well as subsequent Ski Trip days.

This afternoon, we will have 9 charter buses that will be lining up in our back parking lot to take students and staff to Hidden Valley after dismissal.  I have asked that they arrange themselves on the "left-hand, Admin Center side" of the back lot when they arrive.  I hope that all 9 arrive no later than 2:45, but cannot guarantee that.  I will call the charter company this morning to make that request.

As a result, if you are picking up your student by car pool this afternoon, I would suggest that you arrive after 3:15 pm.  If this is not possible, then we will try to form the first line of cars in our back lot down the far right-hand side, closest to the Maintenance Drive.  Once that line is formed, additional cars will be asked to form a second line, to the left of the first.  I hope we don't need to form a third line, but it may be necessary.

With the above, I am trying to visualize how to accommodate cars in our back lot while still providing access to this area for charter buses that may arrive after 2:45.  It is far from perfect, but we will give it a shot.  I will also make an inquiry to our Maintenance/Grounds department to see if they can provide additional support this afternoon, particularly near the back gate so that we don't block it for buses that need to enter.

I hope some of the above makes sense.  It is still early and the caffeine hasn't kicked in completely as yet.  A more standard Update will follow this afternoon or over the weekend.


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