Morning Traffic April 16, 2015

Good afternoon.

The following message is targeted to those parents who deliver students to school in the mornings by car.

We will be conducting bus evacuation drills for bus riders on the morning of Thursday, April 16.  As each bus arrives, drivers will review safety procedures with students on each bus before unloading in the Circle Drive. 

This may cause longer than normal delays in getting buses off our lot.  As a result, I will likely need to route more cars toward the back of the building for drop off as I normally would (rather than through the “short cut”).  Since our first bus typically arrives around 7:50 am, it may help if you can deliver your car-riding student(s) to school prior to that time on Thursday morning.  As previously communicated, we do have staff scheduled to monitor our front door each morning beginning at 7:15 am for student entry.

I just wanted you folks who could be impacted by this aware.



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