LMS Parent Association Winter Fundraiser

LMSPA Gift & Project: Teacher Tributes Fundraiser

The following is from the LMS Parent Association Co-Presidents, Elizabeth Lochmoeller and Reagan Minkler.

Please watch for your Winter Gift & Project: Teacher Tributes letter, arriving in the mail soon!

What is Gift & Project: Teacher Tributes?

If you're new to LMS or if you've ever asked yourself that question, the info below will help to answer that.

The Gift and Project: Teacher Tributes (lovingly called "G & P" or "Teacher Tributes") Fundraiser is the LMSPA's largest fundraiser each year.

G&P takes place twice each school year:  Winter, around the holidays, and Spring, near the end of the school year.

The funds raised every year through G&P make up a significant portion of the annual LMSPA budget.

Through this fundraiser, families donate to the LMSPA in honor of our wonderful Ladue Middle School Faculty and Staff.  As a family you decide whom you wish to honor with your donation.  You may honor as many individual staff members as you'd like.  Each staff member then receives a letter letting them know who has honored them by donating to the LMSPA (donation amounts are not disclosed).

The money raised goes to many gifts and projects that the LMSPA funds for our school community each year.

You will be receiving a letter soon in the mail describing some of the many things that the Gift & Project: Teacher Tributes Fundraiser has helped to do for our school.

We hope you will honor your student's teachers and/or other LMS staff members with a donation.

Thank you!

Questions?  Please contact either of our Gift & Project: Teacher Tributes Co-Chairs:

Melissa Garza  melissahgarza@gmail.com
Julie Stappenbeck  jstappenbeck@yahoo.com

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