November 18, 2016

Good afternoon.  I wanted to let you know how the week at LMS is finishing up.

A group of students expressed an interest in staging a demonstration yesterday against racism and intolerance at the end of the day.  That group ended up making signs and posters in our Cafeteria, under the supervision of counselors and administrators.  

Another demonstration has been planned for this afternoon during 8th period.  School administration is aware of the plans, and will be there to monitor the students for safety.  Students have been asked to complete a request to demonstrate form indicating why they would like to leave class to participate.  This allows us to know which students will be in what location during the demonstration.  This is optional for all students.

Students will gather with school staff in our Cafeteria to discuss peaceful demonstrations and expectations.  A demonstration route has been planned to prevent/minimize disruption for students remaining in classes, working on planned activities.  Students will then return to the Cafeteria to debrief.   

We are using this as a teachable moment as we progress into the weekend.  All students will be monitored by building staff.

I will follow with a regular weekly parent update over this weekend.

Thank you,


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