LMS Support Opportunity

(The following has just been sent out through a Blackboard Connect email to 2014-2015 grade 7 parents.  Should your child need some support, regardless of grade level, or wish to participate, they are welcome to join us.)

May 27, 2015

Good morning:

Discussions began last Friday, following my parent email regarding the passing of our grade 7 student, Joseph Goldman, on how to support his grade level classmates that may be in need.

Through collaboration with Special School District Area Coordinator Melisa Bohannon, LMS/SSD Teacher Andy Nieters, and LMS Counselor Roger Scherck, we wish to provide Joseph’s classmates the opportunity to meet at LMS on Thursday, May 28, in the LMS Library from 1:30 to 3 pm.

This will be an opportunity for any student who wishes to work through Joseph’s loss with building/district and/or SSD staff.  It will also be an opportunity for any student in the grade level, if they wish, to help us begin compiling a memory book to provide to the Goldman family.

Thank you for your time,


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