Grade 8 Registration for Next Year

LMS 7th Grade parents:

Good afternoon.

I wanted to let you know that two Grade 8 Elective courses were omitted from the original 2017-18 registration forms.  Those classes are:
  • Architectural Design
  • Music Through Technology
Descriptions of these semester-long elective courses may be found in the 2017-18 Curriculum Handbook.  

If your child received a registration form from their counselor, Janey Worthington, prior to today, these courses will not be listed.  Should you and your child desire either of these courses as elective choices, they may be written in before returning the form to our office by February 3.

If your child has yet to receive a registration form from Mrs. Worthington, they will be provided with corrected forms next week.

In the event that your child has already submitted their registration form, but now wishes to include one or both of these courses in their elective choices, please contact our registrar Carol Stephens at and 1) indicate the course’s placement in their order of preferences and 2) which course(s) should be deleted.

Thank you.



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