Inauguration Day

Good afternoon.

Just so that you are aware, I plan on reading the following to LMS students during our announcements tomorrow morning.

Today we inaugurate the 45th president of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump.  

Regardless of one’s opinions or political affiliation, we celebrate today the remarkable American tradition of peacefully transferring power from one President to the next.  Throughout our country's history, regardless of how contentious and controversial an election has been, we have been able to come together as a nation and peacefully transition to a new Presidency.  This is something to celebrate.  

On this day, we also need to remember that another remarkable American tradition is the ability to stand up for one's beliefs.  In our school and in our wider community, we can work to reclaim America’s ability to engage in civil discourse, conversations that improve our understanding of each other's ideas, without insulting each other.  We hope that young people like our LMS students will succeed where others have failed.  Express your opinions, but do so in a manner that reflects good will and respect.  To paraphrase our outgoing First Lady Michelle Obama, "When people go low, you go high." Remember that today and everyday.  Be kind and considerate to each other.

Thank you,


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